In Which I Become Famous . . .

So my pedal nerdery has been recognized by Malekko Heavy Industy.  Josh, one of the co-creators of this brand of pedals is a freqent poster on a couple of message boards I freqent myself.  When one of our loved pets, Squeaker, died Josh had the paint custom adjusted on a pedal I had ordered. Now Malekko Heavy Industry has pictures of happy customers with their happy pedals, I’ll leave you to guess which “artist” I am . . . enjoy.


Ahh . . . I’d almost forgotten about this mo faux . . .

So I’ve been revamping my pedalboard and discovered that it is vastly annoying to do sometimes.  I’m currently working with a pedaltrain pro so I have a surface that’s 32″ x 16″ to work with.  My modulation board went well . . . a bit too well . . . now I have overflow on my fuzz/filter/shifter board.  Too many pedals and not enough room to work . . . hopefully after my last pedal arrives later this coming week I’ll have a more positive update.

On that note I’m happy to report that I’ve traded my Analogman King of Tone for a WMD Geiger Counter.  As sweet as the KOT was I’m not really a blues player.  It was way cool to have my name come up after lingering for two years on the KOT waiting list.  But I’m more a noise player than a blues player so I think that the Geiger Counter will serve me much better as far as noise annilate your ears goes . . .


So I feel the need to get serious a moment.  Not to serious, but in the midst of an economic down turn I figure my ability to continue to feed my pedal addiction will be affected.  So it should be kosher to talk about it here. 

Also I don’t really care about always talking about pedals.  Anyway, the big tax payer bailout got tanked today and the DOW dropped 777 lucky points in consequence.  I don’t think the public really owes wall street a bailout.  The problem with the republican mentality of “this amounts to socialism” only really works with the uneducated.  Also it allows them to impress their bass in a cycle that they can pin the failings on democrats.

Personally I think we should let the system collapse.  Sure this will likely cause a run on banks the likes of which we haven’t seen since the great depression, which means another greater depression would follow.  I’m fine with that though, no genuine social revolution happens without breaking a few eggs.

Nothing to see here . . . move along

Nothing at all to do with flangers . . . but everyone on the planet needs to see this video . . .

Flange of the week . . . er . . . day maybe

Well all good blogs have to start somewhere.  Since my blog happens to be about pedals I’ll start with my favorite type.  The flanger.

I won’t bore you with the science specifics of what a flanger does, those can be seen at for a great intro as well as a small sound sample.

I tend to use flangers for ambience in my playing.  My current favorite is this one:

I got this Japanese baby late one night on ebay for the low low price of $20 shipped to my door.  I was kind of excited until I heard it then I nearly wet my pants.  A good classic sounding flanger should be smooth with a nice swirl to them.  Remenicent of eighties hair metal chorus.  This flanger though has a comb filter from hell.

There is alot of growl in the sweep of this flanger, almost as if it got too much filtering in the circuit.  Also the sweep is forever long.  Even with the rate up you get a long growl on the LFO then suddenly it drops into a tube.  Quite facinating. 

If you’re nice and I have time I will post a clip later this week.


Full disclosure

Well, I should probably tell you a little bit about myself and what you might expect in this blog.  I play guitar, or more precisely I play guitar effect pedals.  I really suck at playing guitar, I won’t try to pretend or lie to you.  I’ve never had a lesson in my life so I’ve never learned anything about guitar or proper playing.

I do however like to make wacky noise on pedals.  Pedals of all shapes and sizes. One knob, twenty knobs, you’re a knob.  I don’t really care. 

I’ll post shots of various pedals I use here and if you’re nice I might even post bad sound clips that will melt your ears.  I may even review those aformentioned pedals.  Mostly though I’ll probably drunk post on sunday nights after football . . . I am a college student after all.

Oh Hai!

Welcome to my blog, it could be a good blog or it just might suck.  Check back often to find out the degree to which I have not sucked at this blog, or leave funny comments which should make me chuckle.

Thank You, drive through.